Indulge your soul with our holistic massage therapies that enhance, uplift your physical mental and emotional states, contributing to your overall senses of well being.



The massage promotes circulation, sensory nerve perception, and lymphatic drainage, as well as providing a deep sense for relaxation and well-being.

  • Relieves migraines
  • Can improve sleep quality and help insomnia
  • Helps manage respiratory ailments
  • Helps alleviate arthritic pain, particularly in the neck and shoulders
  • Improves nervous system functions and sensory nerve perception
  • Increases joint and muscle flexibility
  • Stimulates cellular activity to repair and intensely nourish the skin
  • Breaks down and softens adhesions
  • Assists to remove lactic acid to reduce pain.


90 Minutes ₹ 4500/-

Swedish Massage

Pressure – Medium to Hard, Lifestyle – Average

Using a medley of classic massage strokes our traditional Swedish massage will stimulate your circulation, loosen tight muscles, soothe sore muscles and ease away tension the pressure is altered to suit your personal needs.

60 Minutes ₹ 2200/-

90 Minutes ₹ 3100/-


Balinese Massage

Pressure – Medium to Hard, Lifestyle – Average

Originating in the beautiful island of Bali in Indonesia, this massage uses gentle yet firm strokes with the tips of the fingers where the skin is gently picked and rolled between the fingers to loosen the toxins in the system, thus stimulating energy flow by dispersing toxic tension from your body.

60 Minutes ₹ 2500/-

90 Minutes ₹ 3250/-


Aromatherapy Massage

Pressure – Medium, Lifestyle – Average

This customized, holistic massage combines a blend of pure essential oil and is gently administered to soothe and calm the nerves with gentle smooth movements to relive stress, muscle aches and improve circulation, while the aroma of the oil will balance your mind and emotions.

60 Minutes ₹ 2650/-

90 Minutes ₹ 3350/-

Divine Rose Aromatherapy Massage

Pressure – Soft, Lifestyle – Relaxed

Soft, fresh with an enchanting Rose Aroma, a luxurious massage cream is used here. This cream contains active ingredients which help cellular regeneration resulting in a more even, rejuvenated, moisturized and smooth skin tone.

Besides, the aroma of roses will leave you feeling clam, balanced and joyful.

60 Minutes ₹ 3250/-


Warm Aromatic Candle Massage

Pressure – Soft, Lifestyle – Relaxed

Seduce and rejuvenate your spirit with a special hot aroma candle oil massage, which is gently administered to moisturize your body. It helps soothe and calm the nerves, relieve stress and balance your mind. Choose either a Rose or Passion Fruit aroma.

60 Minutes ₹ 4250/-


Sports Deep Tissue Massage

Pressure – Hard, Lifestyle – Stressed

This therapy skillfully applied is the most effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the muscular skeletal system. A constant buildup of tension in the muscles from regular fitness activity leads to stress on joints, ligaments, tendons and well as muscles. Our Sports massage will help treat those specific problems and leave you feel totally relaxed and re-energized.

60 Minutes ₹ 2850/-

90 Minutes ₹ 3650/-

Asian Blend Massage

Pressure – Hard, Lifestyle – Stressed

This is a combination of all the best Asian massage therapies. A unique blend of Chinese, Baliness, Japanese Shiatsu, Thai massage Techniques, then throwing in some long calculated strokes, stretching, skin rolling, palm and thumb techniques, this therapy will ease away stress from every pore of your body leaving you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

55 Minutes ₹ 3250/-

85 Minutes ₹ 4150/-


Royal H2O Signature Massage

Pressure – Medium, Lifestyle – Average

This Massage is dedicated to the special Royal H2O in each one of you….our esteemed guests! Because each of you is different, you get to select a signature blend of oil that appeals to your senses for this massage. Synchronizing the best massage strokes from around the world, this is a complete heat to toe experience, aimed at relaxing each and every part of your mind, body and soul. You are sure to find it an absolutely divine experience!!

90 Minutes ₹ 3000/-


Yoga Massage (Thai Massage)

Pressure – Medium, Lifestyle – Average

Originated in India in Lord Buddha’s time and then taken to Thailand, this Royal massage combines the art of thumb and palm pressure with yoga stretches, to stimulate the vital energy flow in the body. No oil is used and a two piece outfits is provided during this treatment.

90 Minutes ₹ 3650/-

Hot Stone Asian Blend Massage

Pressure – Medium, Lifestyle – Relaxed

Harnessing the healing power of mother earth, this massage therapy with hot stones will help to dissolve knots in your muscles and open the energy centers of the body. Hot stones are placed alone the spine, shoulders and neck to stimulate and balance your vital energy points.

85 Minutes ₹ 4250/-


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Pressure – Soft, Lifestyle – Stressed

This therapeutic massage technique drains toxins out of the body by guiding them through the body’s filtering mechanism the lymph nodes. It is beneficial in helping to eliminate waste from your body, strengthen the body’s immune system and support a weight loss program.

60 Minutes ₹ 4000/-